Thank you for pre-ordering Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family.

As a friend of our organization, we are pleased to offer these special bonus materials. No proof of purchase is necessary to access the items below. At Barry-Wehmiller we believe in people and rather than asking for trust, we give it.

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Visioning Module
At Barry-Wehmiller, we define vision as “a compelling picture of your purpose having been achieved.” Leaders are called to be visionary, but creating your organization’s vision—that ideal future state toward which you strive daily - calls for disciplined planning, thoughtful engagement and rigorous implementation.

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Leadership Checklist
Common sense is not always common practice. Barry-Wehmiller’s Leadership Checklist reminds leaders of the daily leadership behaviours they should perform each and every day. We believe leadership is an awesome responsibility that should not be left to chance.

Bonus Everybody Matters Podcast with Bill Ury & Bob Chapman
A bonus episode of the Everybody Matters podcast, featuring author, Harvard professor and conflict negotiator Bill Ury interviewing Bob Chapman. The Everybody Matters podcast is a podcast on leadership produced by Barry-Wehmiller and is available on iTunes or at

Foreword by Simon Sinek
Noted Optimist and NYT Bestselling Author Simon Sinek has been a long-time admirer of Barry-Wehmiller and Bob Chapman. Barry-Wehmiller represents the reality of what Simon knows is possible and spends his life passionately advocating. Simon featured Barry-Wehmiller in his best-selling book Leaders Eat Last and in his TED talk, Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe. There was never a discussion about who should write the foreword to Everybody Matters. Even before the first letter of the first word was put to paper, the entire team knew there was only one person who should introduce a book about the value of people. Simon has become a powerful voice in the world to spread the vision of Truly Human Leadership and we are deeply humbled by his endorsement.